The Dawn


‘Lift up your head and face the dawn,’

is what they would have said.

The words are done, the tears are cried,

now think of life instead.


Wipe the moisture from your cheek

and ease the furrowed brow.

Lift your hope, discard the past,

the future beckons now.


Deepen breath and renew trust

and face the morning well.

Embrace the wound, the ache will ease,

for solace, time will tell.


Move on from pain, discard the hurt,

dismiss the cutting knife.

Quicken heart, let spirits soar,

renew your love of life.


The days will warm, the rain refresh,

you’ll cast aside the pain.

Each day will ease, each sunrise help

to start your life again.


Yet as you go, a moment’s pause,

the memories still are there.

Not cold and hurt but warmth and love

for those, for whom you care.


Their smiling face will ease your load,

their memory is your friend.

They’re always there, will always be,

this journey has no end.


They would not want your soul to hurt,

the time for grief is done.

Embrace their love, forget them not,

and face the rising sun.