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I'm feeling a little bit under the weather this morning but it has caused me to slow down and reflect how lucky I am.

I have a wonderful family, a dream job and, (apart from this morning) usually enjoy good health. Each of these are privileges many others may not have and not a day goes by without me realising quite how much of a blessing they are.

Three years ago I took the plunge and decided to follow my dream to write full time. Luckily it has paid off but I never take it for granted. I work hard and for every word I publish there are hundreds that don't see the light of day. I am friends with many authors who will attest to the fact that contrary to what some people believe, it is certainly not easy.

The success of my latest book, The Warrior Princess, has exceeded all my expectations. It has rocketed up the charts, reached number one status in almost a dozen sub categories (including the big one for me, Historical fiction) and peaked at number 35 overall. I have reached higher in the past but there are so many books out there now, 35 is astonishing.

Most importantly for me, the publisher's advance has been paid off after just 2 weeks. (Other authors will understand just how big that is.)

In the evenings I often find myself refreshing the sales pages and am astonished that so many people around the world seem to like my work. Me, a humble Welsh Valleys boy who walked away from school in desperation with no recognised path or qualifications.

For years I stumbled through life, not sure where I was heading but at all times I had Jan at my side, the woman who had faith in me when often I had none. It was she who encouraged me to take the leap three years ago, even though it was a massive risk.

After so many years, that trust is still there.

The days before us are for her.

Last but not least, I am grateful to all those people out there who have supported me over the past few years, putting up with my many ramblings on social media and keeping me entertained during the many, many 'writer's block' moments.

You are the ones that keep me going when I am staring at my screen with my chin in my hands, even when sometimes we don't agree with each other.

None of it would be possible without you and a

mere thank you doesn't seem enough but it is a start.

Thank you.

Anyway, enough rambling. The next book needs finishing and a new project dawns. (I'm currently exploring the world of TV scripts and will let you know how it goes.)

I'm not confident I will achieve any success, but if I had let that thought stop me three years ago, I would never have written my first book.

So, with a cup of hot lem-sip on my desk, (Other cold cures are available) I'll bid you Au revoir and start work for the day.

Now, where was I?

Oh yes.........

Scene 5........EXT......Kidwelly Castle


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