Tribute Plaque - Mounted

This beautifully engraved plaque is mounted on a hand-polished Sapele backing board and comes in two sizes, A4 and A5. Behind the plaque are four pre-drilled holes enabling it to be fixed to a wall if so required but it is equally as impressive when presented on a sideboard or in a display cabinet. A wonderful tribute to all those who served, and continue to serve in our name.

Tribute Plaque - Mounted

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  • In 1914, humanity witnessed the start of the first of two devastating world wars which would eventually cost the lives of millions, and each year, on Remembrance Day, we remember all those who fell in the name of freedom.

    To this day, there is seldom an hour that passes that does not see one of our servicemen or women placed in harm's way to protect the freedoms their predecessors fought and died for.

    This poem is dedicated to all those brave souls who paid the ultimate price and to those courageous men and women who have served and continue to serve all across the world to secure and maintain our freedom.

  • The Price of Freedom

    I never was a soldier,
    so have no tale to tell
    of cloying mud and seas of blood
    and trenches into hell.

    I didn't get the call up,
    so how am I to know
    of ghosts who stand on scarlet sand
    where angels fear to go?

    I didn't serve my country,
    so missed the pained goodbyes
    of men who cried as brothers died
    beneath those leaden skies.

    I never fought for freedom,
    so couldn't understand
    the metal rain of searing pain
    that ripped across the sand.

    I didn't have the calling,
    so where do I begin
    to understand exploding land
    that tears them limb from limb?

    I never had to comprehend
    the pain of mothers' cries.
    The tragic price of devil’s dice
    when rolled to see who dies.

    So why should I remember?
    How could it ever be
    those gallant dead, spilled poppy red
    and gave their lives for me?

    I never was a soldier,
    and never went away
    like those who tried, and cried, and died,
    but marched so I could stay.