Medieval III - Sword of Liberty. Signed Paperback

AD 1282, and a full-scale rebellion against Edward’s rule forces the English King to invade Wales once more, only this time with full-scale conquest as a goal. 

Despite some initial setbacks, Edward’s army is ultimately victorious and after several battles, he embarks on an unprecedented building programme across the country, including the enormous castles at Caernarfon, Conway and Harlech as a signal to the Welsh about the futility of opposing his might. 

These castles formed the backbone of his defenses, an unassailable system of fortresses, each designed to mutually support each other against any threat from the Welsh. 

They were a symbol of his might, a system of invincible fortifications and in effect an impregnable ring of steel unassailable by any living man...

...or so he thought..!


This is a personally signed paperback and comes complete with a message of your choice

Medieval III - Sword of Liberty. Signed Paperback