Warrior Princess. Signed Paperback

AD 1135


Wales is a broken land. Many of its true-born rulers are in hiding, or married into noble English families. But, though low and dim, a flame of vengeance still burns.


In the southern kingdom of Deheubarth, Gerald of Windsor governs. Firm but fair, he commands the respect of those he reigns over, and the love of Nesta, his wife. But then treachery strikes from the heart of the English ranks and peace and stability are quickly forgotten.


Nesta, daughter of a long-dead prince, is more than what she seems and when her family is threatened, she takes drastic action to protect i


In the mountainous rebel heartland of Cantref Mawr, the Welsh resistance has found a new figurehead: a fearless warrior, born with a sword in her hand, and with vengeance in her heart.


The Warrior Princess is coming and the English will know fear.


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Warrior Princess. Signed Paperback