Templar Fury. Signed Paperback

Templar Fury, the siege of Acre is the fourth book in the Brotherhood series and covers one of the most crucial battles in the second crusade.


The year is 1189 and following the disaster at the Battle of Hattin, Salah ad-Din controls much of the Outremer. The city of Jerusalem is in the hands of the Muslims and  Guy of Lusignan, King of Jerusalem, has been released from captivity, determined to reclaim the Holy-city in the name of Christendom. 


Forced to forge new alliances, and rebuffed by Conrad de Montferrat in Tyre, Guy turns his attention to Acre, the coastal city essential to support his campaign to reclaim Jerusalem. But with Saladin equally as determined to retain the strategically important city, the scene is set for a prolonged and devastating siege.


Once again the Templars answer the call to arms, each man desperate to avenge the death of so many of their brothers at Hattin. Years of battle loom and death and disease prevail on both sides, but with Jerusalem’s future dependent on the outcome, the Christian’s last hope lies in the hands of one man. History came to know him as Coeur de Lion, Richard the Lionheart.


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Templar Fury. Signed Paperback

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