Our Journey


Forgive them for they were not there
that fateful night when first we met,
the fleeting glance, the missing beat,
that moment when the world stood still.

Forgive them for they did not feel
the breathless surge of coursing blood,
the distant hope so often sought,
of promises of lives to share.

Forgive them for they did not see
through eyes connected to my heart,
the vision that no canvas bears,
the starlight in your laughing eyes.

Forgive them for the night we cried,
those sweetest moments all alone
when trust and love became the same
and meaning came to hearts entwined.

Forgive them for they never saw
that moment when our pathway changed,
the glory of our childrens’ cries
when first we met their loving gaze.

Forgive them for they did not share 
our journey long in life’s embrace
through darkness and through kinder light,
emerging stronger day by day.

Forgive them for they’ll never know
as lifetimes pass and dusk appears
our love that’s shared with ties unbound
forever through eternity.