Let tears flow, or laughter reign.

Depending on your whim.

Accept no judgement of your manner.

The pain is yours alone.


Lash out with blame, for the situation is unjust,
Or look to yourself and seek solace within. 

Either is correct.

Broadcast fury from the heights or let silence be your guide.

Comfort lies in both.


Do not coach, or be coached.

For no tutor holds the answer.

Well meaning words offer balm,

Yet will not bring return.


Show deepest angst or wildly sing, your heart will lead the way

And dismiss the critic thereafter, for they hold no sway over owned memories.

Your grief takes primacy.

This hurting soul is yours.


But when the day is done and the shadows pass.

Allow again the sun to shine.

Remember the smile,

Not the furrowed brow.


Recall the song, not the scold.

And the gentle kiss, that conveyed their love.

Let the words, ‘Remember when…’ start the conversation

And smile at the recollection.


The grief is yours and does not demand comprehension.

Yet those who have passed need no account.

For they are the ones that made you cry, and they are the ones that made you laugh.

You answer to them only, for on this day, they alone know the trueness of your soul.


Those who sleep will understand.