Don't break my heart


Don’t touch my heart, still breaking 
Don’t try to heal with talking 
Don’t touch my hand, still shaking
Just turn and do your walking

Don’t seek my eyes, still crying
Don’t plan my path without you
Don’t move my soul, still dying
My life is death without you

Don’t save the bridge that’s burning
Don’t fill the void between us 
Don’t be the half I’m yearning 
The one that could have been us

Don’t justify the reasons
To live your life without me
Just seek the rolling seasons
While mine fall dead about me

Don’t tell me where you’re going
Don’t make me want to find you
I’m safer without knowing
Just close the door behind you

Don’t seek my core, still needing
Don’t share the road you’re taking
Don’t reach my soul, still bleeding
Don’t touch my heart...................still breaking!